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Not tending your cooker’s need for a repair when it starts malfunctioning or misbehaving can cause big problems sooner or later. A DIY repair is not recommended if you are inexperienced as it can cause electrocution. To ensure accurate and safe cooker repair, you should seek help from your local engineers.

You don’t have to experience the hassle of going on for days without a working cooker at Cooker Care. We are a team of skilled cooker repair engineers who help Chelmsford residents get their oven and cooker’s much-needed care. We offer same-day repair for different makes and models of cookers at a budget-friendly price.

Cooker Repair Experts in Chelmsford

Cooker Care is a well-established company with over two decades of history in the trade. Our local engineers are known for providing top-notch quality of service. We are very particular when it comes to safety. Thus we make sure to provide the most accurate solution to any cooker repair needs. We are complete with the knowledge and the repair equipment necessary to perform a quick and reliable repair.
Working with all types of cooker problems has made us capable of diagnosing the problem right away. Even before arranging the visit to your home, we will be able to know what’s going on with your cooker while on the phone.
We understand the inconvenience it could give you when a cooker is damaged. It is the reason why we strive to provide prompt service at the most convenient time for you. We value everyone’s time. That is why we always complete tasks on time. Our adherence to the health and safety regulations and our strong work ethics will give you peace of mind knowing you will receive nothing but only the best quality of service.
Our expert engineers and staff are trained to work on cookers from different manufacturers. All our works are fully guaranteed. We are straightforward in pricing, but you will only be charged for the repair after it is completed. There will be no hidden charges.
Should you need to arrange an appointment with our cooker repair engineers or if you want to know more about our services, feel free to contact Cooker Care at telephone number 07909 231 669. You can also reach us through email. Please send us a message at

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