Oven Fan Basic Troubleshooting Tips 

There may be times that you had to deal with a faulty oven. If you are using a fanassisted oven, it could be that one or two parts of the fan are not functioning. Before calling an engineer, here are some basic troubleshooting tips you can perform to get your fan oven back and running in no time. 

Check the motor 

A faulty motor is often the reason why an oven fan stops spinning. Aside from the fan not spinning, another sign to check out for is excessive noise. This could be due to dry or wornout bearings in the motor. Replacing the fan motor usually solves the problem. But since replacement takes a lot of time and requires professionals, you can temporarily solve the problem by greasing the bearings. However, once the lubricant dries out, the problem or the noise will probably return again. 

While waiting for the repair engineer, make sure to turn off and unplug the oven. Once they arrive, the engineers will then check your fan oven’s condition and investigate where the fault came from. It might be due to the oven fan or the circulation fan located at the back panel not working. They are the ones who can tell if a motor replacement is necessary or if other issues cause the problem, such as loose fan blade or obstruction of food debris. 

Check the element 

Another reason for an oven fan not working is a problem with the element. One of its apparent signs is its failure to generate heat even though it may look like nothing is wrong.  

One thing you can do is test the element using a multimeter. Set it to low resistance, then put the probes into the element terminal. If the reading is less than a hundred ohms, the element is working well. If it is higher than a hundred ohms, there is a possibility of a faulty element. 

There are also instances that the element looks well, the thermostat turns on, and the fan is working correctly. Still, there is damage to the elements inside the casing. In this case, a repair engineer is needed. Complete with the knowledge and tools, they can confirm the problem and perform the necessary repair on your oven. 

You should never try using an oven with a damaged fan because the result can be hazardous and even fatal. Make sure to contact a trusted repair engineer for a quick and reliable solution. 

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